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Lipo Battery - 5000mah 2s 30c 7.4v - Race Series

Lipo Battery - 5000mah 2s 30c 7.4v - Race Series

Our Lipo Battery - 5000mah 2s 30c 7.4v - Race Series Spec.

Need that extra kick from a Lipo battery? This Race Spec Lipo is a great upgrade over standard Nimh batteries and being a 'Pro Series Race Spec' capacity it not only delivers that extra punch but will allow you  high powered longer run times from just a single charge.

Hard Case Lipo featuring plug & play Deans and balance leads.

Pack dimensions: 138mm length x 48mm width x 25mm depth.


Please Note

  • Lipo batteries MUST ONLY be charged using an approved LiPO charger - we recommend balance charging to maintain each cells health, lifetime and performance.
  • NEVER use a NIMH or NICD charger with a LIPO - LIPO Batteries are a serious FIRE RISK - trust us, we know that from experience.
  • Regular checks for damage, cracks, splits and most importantly SWELLING to the casing, along with damage, split cables or connectors etc should be done often. Never charge or use a LIPO if any issue is found and replace it immediately.
  • NEVER run a LIPO completely out of charge, this can damage the cells and prevent future charging.
  • Disconnect from your cars electrics when not in use, DO NOT simply rely on your on/off switch. We recommend having easy access to the LIPO connectors to enable physical disconnection.
  • If a LIPO is not to be used for a period of time (1+ month as a rule) we recommend running a STORAGE charge mode from your LIPO charger, this puts all cells to a healthy level ideal for longer term storage.
  • And most importantly treat your LIPO with respect
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