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Baja - Rear Viper Super Spike Tyre Pair

Baja - Rear Viper Super Spike Tyre Pair

Our Viper Super Spike Tyre for Baja 5b Beadlock Compatible Rear Wheels.

If you want a superior off road tyre with amazing grip, superior corner handling plus Zero Growth at top end... this is the tyre to get.

There is nothing else on the market to touch this tyre, over 12 months of R&D went into this tyres design in terms of its pattern for giving max grip and dirt release, sidewall strength and durability. Plus we optimised the compound used to allow both fantastic grip with long lifetime.


Our unique Internal Belting gives you a Zero Growth tyre that eliminates the 'Ballooning' effect all other rubber based tyres suffer from at high speeds. This ensures the tyre shape is maintained at all times giving the car maximum contact with the surface your running on.


So what foams do you need..?

Any Baja 5b compatible rear foam is the simple answer.

With the Zero Growth belting you do not need any special foam at all.

Stock rear 5b foams are perfect for this tyre and easily fitted.


So what wheels do you need..?

Any Baja 5b compatible rear wheel and beadlock is the simple answer.

Stock rear wheels with beadlocks are perfect for this tyre.


UberRC Pro Tip...

The most important thing with any Beadlock Wheel is keeping your tyre on the rim.

So no matter what tyre/wheel combination we always recommend using a better beadlock screw than those pathetic little standard ones. Something like a 6mm+ long self tapping wood type screw will allow a good securely seated beadlock to lock that tyre to the rim and give you long runs with the peace of mind we all need.

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