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Baja - HD Ball Drive Ring Set

Baja - HD Ball Drive Ring Set

The UberRC HD Ball Drive System v5 is now available, retain your warranty with this simple to fit Reinforcement Steel Ring Set if you run an engine over 26cc in your Baja.


This is a pack of x4 Heavy Duty Reinforcement Rings designed specifically for use on our UberRC Ball Drive Systems v4 and v5 compatible.

If you run a more powerful engine than stock 26cc we highly recommend fitting these rings to not only extend the life of your system but UberRC will cover your warranty if a problem arrises.


With today's larger engines now readily available and gaining popularity these rings greatly increase the strength of the cup walls when using high HP engines, keeping you running perfectly smooth with Uber RC's Ball Drive System for longer.


A simple push fit, they've been machined to slide on and hug the cup perfectly. These reinforced steel rings have a tapered leading edge to fit the v4 & v5 flare and at the back edge a lipped ridge ensuring its seated fully home every time, we have also now included the addition of a Boot Retaining ridge, so now your drive boots sit snug and securely in place.


Fit these to all 4 cups and your away.


Colour: Silver

Position: Rear

Compatible with: HPI Baja 5B, KM Buggy, Rovan Buggy, KM Blade, Q-Baja, KM T1000, HPI Baja 5T, HPI Baja 5SC,

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