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3rd Channel Kill Switch
Introducing the UberRC 3rd Channel Kill Switch.
This kill switch is ideal for use on all RC cars that run a Petrol engine with a magneto Ignition and stop switch, ie Largescale 2 stroke based cars such as those used in: HPI Baja 5B, Losi 5ive-T, FG Marder etc etc. You will require a free 3rd channel on your radio gears transmitter often marked as AUX on the unit. This Kill Switches microprocessor constantly reviews the signals from the receiver for glitches and monitors the receivers power supply for sufficient high voltage (min. ~ 4.7 volts). If the signal or the power supply falls under the level required for safe operation the module shuts the engine off by briefly closing the ignition via the integrated relay.

Please ensure your handset has a suitable button for assigning the 3rd channel to, this ideally needs to be a switch with at least 2 states ie On & Off, if you do not have a suitable button you may find you cannot set the Kill Switch to hold the 'On' mode which will not allow the Kill switch to function correctly, so far we have found only the Spectrum DX3C to suffer from this problem.

Simple to fit in just minutes with full instructions included and an LED status on the unit itself meaning no more risk of runaways & total peace of mind for you.

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