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Predator Pipe v2 - Baja
Following the success of the first Predator pipe for the HPI Baja we have taken what made that pipe such a hit and built upon it for the V2 Predator. This V2 is a retuned and redesigned rear mount pipe for the Baja 5b, 5T and 5SC. Designed for both bashers and racers and engineered from Stainless Steel this pipe provides excellent durability.

So what have we improved on the V2. Firstly the header connection now features a 'No Leak Seal' using a dual O Ring system the fit is perfect enabling zero leaks meaning not only will your Baja stay cleaner but ensuring no power loss from the coupling.

Our other main change is the increase in expansion chamber size from the original, as you'll see from the Dyno results we have now pushed HP output well above the V1 and nicely above the ever popular Dominator.
Our main design goal was not only to achieve a higher HP over the V1 but to also retain that smooth power curve that helped make the Predator so popular with veterans and new comers alike. We're happy to report the power band is silky smooth.

Still featuring a solid 2 hole mount system and header spring retainer we believe this is truly the ultimate rear mount pipe for the Baja.

Not only that but it bolts straight on to both standard engines and the BZM Micro.

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